Digify - our projects

The trio behind has known each other for several decades, and for the latest 10 years, we all worked in the same company where we created web-related products and services. For different reasons, we all ended our relationship with this company in 2014, and we all started our own companies doing different things. In this period we continued to have contact with each other and talked about how we should launch all the different ideas that we all come up with. This was the reason we founded the company in 2015.

We have around 10 different concepts we want to bring to life. Some of these projects are quite large, and some of these are small projects. The first project we have launched is Hopefully we will still involve new concept and ideas, and some of the concepts will probably never be launced. We are eagerly waiting to launch all these ideas, so we hope that the market and the potential customers also will like them.

Would you like to know more about Digify`s projects and what we can offer? Contact us today . is a Norwegian page presenting information about all companies that is registered in Norway. The database contains more than 1.000.000 records searchable on the Internet. The page is created with the newest web-technology, providing fast search, mobile friendly pages and search engine optimized pages.
Angularjs MSSQL - Launch the complete site with only MSSQL-code. Everything is done without CPU and memory-intensive code on the server. Just pass the template and the necessary tables to the IIS-handler that will process and submit the content to the client.