About us

Digify - automated online solutions

Digify developes automated products and services online to benefit both private persons and firms. The company is located in Sarpsborg, Norway.

The team

To launch web-related projects, there is important to have skills in different areas. A web-portal usually always contain three different aspects. The visual aspect, user functionality and the backend data. Digify.no consist of three persons, with excellent experience on each area. Jostein is the front-end designer, Øystein is the UI (User Interface) developer and Nils Arne is the backend and database-developer. For this reason, we have all experience we need in-house to create and launch different web concepts.

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Nils Arne Tvedten - CEO

Nils Arne Tvedten has 20 years experience in the mobile messaging industry and has held several positions in ViaNett over a period of 18 years +. Among others, he has worked as a developer, as CTO and most recently as CEO of the company. Nils Arne is also co-founder of ViaNett. Over the past year Nils Arne started up and run his own company, SQLExpert, offering consultancy and expertise in the area SQL Server and databases and holds courses and training in databases and the use of SQL Server. Nils Arne has technical education and long experience and thorough knowledge of messaging, routing and databases.
Mobile: +47 917 48 750
E-mail: nilsarne@digify.no

Øystein Tvedten - CTO

Øystein Tvedten has 18 years experience with web development. He wrote the first fully dynamic Internet E-commerce system back in 1997, and this was the reason why ViaNett AS was founded back in 1998. He was the lead product manager for three versions of CMS systems, and three versions of E-commerce systems, all created when he was working for ViaNett AS. These systems together with the employees and the customers was the foundation of Kréatif AS when it was founded in 2012. Øystein has also been involved in Content Publishing systems for the Mobile Entertainment industry, that was used of NRK, A-pressen, Terra Lycos Chile and MSN Malaysia back in the period 2002-2004. Øystein is an experienced Web-developer with a passion for quality, user experience and new technologies.
Mobile: +47 951 166 65
E-mail: oystein@digify.no

Jostein Flatin - CMO

Jostein Flatin has more than 15 years of experience in the field of webdesign and marketing and has for the last nine years been developing websites, E-commerce and mobile solutions in the company ViaNett. In ViaNett, Jostein was the head of design and digital marketing over a long period of time, in addition to leading the company’s focus on Google Adwords, which held a yearly budget of nearly 1.2 million Norwegian kroner. In August 2014, he started WhiteCom AS which among other things supplies websites, campaign sites, online stores, digital strategy and marketing. The firm also offers a wide range of design and productions of company profiles and logos. Jostein is educated in the area of graphic design at Idéfagskolen and marketing at BI Norwegian Business School.
Mobile: +47 40 22 40 56
E-mail: jostein@digify.no